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Mobility Units by California Eco-Bike

One of the hardest parts of aging citizens and Persons with disability here in the country attributes to accessibility and care. The steep prices of motorized vehicle or mobility aid hinder them from moving around with ease and comfort.
California E-bike is sensitive to the growing need of Filipinos for a more affordable alternative without compromising quality, Thereby introducing to us the newest addition to their growing line of Eco-Bikes.



This type of Mobility aid is preferred by the elderlies with limited movements in their hands. Easy to use and maneuver. This model has a manual mode should you need to switch to one.

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Technology made affordable by CD-R King

Technology is constantly coming up with new innovations way faster than we can save up for a particular gadget. Getting that new gear or an accessory that comes with it can be very daunting since it can be a thing of the past with a blink of an eye.

CD-R King, your one stop media provider understands this difficulty that’s why it strives to bring you affordable alternatives that won’t break your wallet.

Here are some items you might be interested in getting your hands on.

In keeping up with being the selfie capital of Asia, get your smartphone an updated look with the new Selfie Stick casing.

Selfie Case

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Three Things to Do in Los Angeles with Groupon

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Los Angeles is the city of dreams for many. It is always sunny in Golden State of California; you will never run out of things to do in Los Angeles all-year round. With Groupon, you will enjoy visiting different places, attractions and restaurants that LA is proud of. Here are three of Groupon Things To Do in Los Angeles that you’ll surely enjoy and save up money.

  1. Musuem of Tolerance – Up to 50% Off

This museum bluntly defies prejudice and racism.  As you enter, you’re given a “passport” bearing the name of a child whose life was intensely changed by the Nazis; as you go through the exhibit, you learn the fate of that child. An exhibit called “Anne: The Life and Legacy of Anne Frank,” transports her story to life through immersive settings, multimedia presentations, and fascinating relics.

  1. Hollywood Tours – Up to 58% Off

Hollywood is the entertainment capital of LA, and we should never miss this in our list. In this tour, you will take a tram and it’ll take you behind the scenes of many TV series and movies produced in Hollywood.

  1. Whale Watching Boat Tour at LA Waterfront Cruises – Up to 51% Off

In LA Waterfront Cruises, you will relish the ocean breeze on your face and he refreshing scent of the sea. In addition to the big number of whales you will see rupturing the surface of the water and even perhaps jumping animatedly into the air, you’ll stare upon hundreds of dolphins and sea lions playing with each other and competing for your attention.

With Groupon, you can save up to half the usual expenses when you visit Los Angeles. This is a great way of saving money and having fun as well.

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Marginalia Vol. 1

An accumulation of things I’ve spared from the previous years to now:


— a postcard from India when a friend enjoyed a visit to a tea and spice plantation.


— Local Edition’s rewards card


— Caleruega, Philippines: a leaflet


— instant print from someone I really, really like <3


— tickets from the second movie that we watched (can’t find the first tickets: Finding Dory). I’m being cheesy ’cause I am keeping these. Lol

Have you been keeping some things? I haven’t really kept a lot, but these are the ones I have right now. I feel like I should keep important things for reminding myself of memories I might forget especially those that made me happy.

The Sunday Currently Vol. 2


I haven’t actually read a lot lately, aside from a few pages of Me Before You. I bought the red covered book right after I stepped out in the cinema watching the film adaptation. I hope finishing the book before July starts. Here are quotes from the book that I really love.

You only get one life. It’s actually your duty to live it as fully as possible.

Some mistakes… Just have greater consequences than others. But you don’t have to let the result of one mistake be the thing that defines you.

I will never, ever regret the things I’ve done. Because most days, all you have are places in your memory that you can go to.

Live boldly. Push yourself. Don’t settle.


I’m stuck listening to Kings Of Leon’s Use Somebody, Imagine Dragon’s Not Today, Robyn’s Dancing On My Own . These are some of my favorites. I am hooked with Carly Rae Jepsen as well. Your Type is my jam, my shower song actually.



To those GoT fans out there, tomorrow is Season Six finale and I am expecting better than episode 9, Battle of the Bastards. HBO, please don’t disappoint us. Spoiler alert! I’ve been reading spoilers on Reddit about the season finale, and it’s really good. Let me show you guys a few. I highligted them white to hide.

  • No Dorne until Episode 10.
  • EDIT 20/06: A  SIEGE at Riverrun. Blackfish is presumed dead. Brienne just about escapes.
  • Tommen jumps from a window and dies.
  • Jon doesn’t kill Ramsay straight away, he begins to beat him mercilessly until Sansa shows up and he’s put in a cell(?) or something. He’s later mauled by dogs in Episode 10. Unknown whether it’s his hounds or Ghost that does it.
  • Cersei uses wildfire to burn the Sept. Many people die, including several Tyrells. It’s a “Red Wedding-style” event.
  • Tormund kills Smalljon Umber. Just before, Umber is egging on his army by shouting ‘Who owns the North?!’.
  • EDIT 20/06 (he dies): Unsure what happens to Wun Wun. One of the leaks says he gets an arrow in the eye and dies when he storms into Winterfell with Jon, the other said he survives.
  • Ian McShane plays the Hound’s mentor. He and the rest of their group are killed by the Brotherhood without Banners. The Hound takes his revenge out on the BwB.
  • Rickon dies by Ramsay’s arrows. He lets him run to Jon but he fires one that hits him. He dies in Jon’s arms.
  • Jon becomes King in the North. The Mormonts(?) say they don’t care that he’s a bastard.
  • In Episode 10, we see Lyanna and a baby in the Tower of  Joy. She whispers something we don’t hear. It then cuts to Jon.
  • No Cleganebowl this season.
  • The Mountain kills Septa Unella.


Since I don’t have a decent phone right now, I am in the process of editing my Instagram feed. I am now deleting some posts and editing and reposting them one by one. You can check my IG page to see what I’m into now.



For making more money. I don’t care if I’ll go extremely busy but I want more money. Life has been about working to pay the bill, and no money for breathing. And I don’t like that.


& sharing.


A new phone, preferably an iPhone because I need an upgrade. Right now, I am using my years old iPhone 5 where its battery is so bloated, front screen is detached from the body, and some inside parts are visible already. Take note that the back camera is no longer working, the front camera is still working but has shadows on the upper right, and the home button is removed. I could still use it on texting, calling and for internet.

Enjoyed the weekend with these two beautiful people.