Month: August 2012

Tattoo Your Shoe

British designer Oliver Sweeney is taking shoe customisation to a whole new level with their ‘Walk of Art’ pop-up in Selfridges, London. Following the triumph of last year’s ‘Tattoo Your Shoe’ event, the luxury department store has invited Sweeney to once again encourage customers to get creative with footwear. This time around, the popular pop-up allows visitors to choose from a range of customising options: Tattoo your shoe. Tamponato (Italian art of hand colouring shoes). Choice of coloured laces. With endless ways to personalise your shoe, you can leave with not only a smile, but the knowledge that you have yourself a truly unique pair of Sweeneys. Oliver Sweeny’s ‘Walk of art’ is open until 19th August

Buying Football Games Tickets

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10/10 (ten out of ten) “Only Young Once!” Collection

10/10 is a menswear brand that focuses on presenting modern styles with uniquely intricate detailing like none other. Its trans-seasonal pieces draw inspiration from many spectrums from geometry to Gundam. 10/10 combines traditional tailoring and street wear with the avant-garde. The unique garments are a staple for any wardrobe that wishes to be awakened. “Only Young Once!” stemmed from the idea of the fearlessness in youth, through clothing. A young spirit that wishes to express itself loudly and with its own voice. The pieces themselves are created with precision cutting and colour-blocking that continue to represent the foundations of the brand. The placement of specific detailing mirrors the unexpected personality of the human character, whilst multiplying it. Everybody has a voice, but not everybody can be heard. 10/10 is an amplifier for every look, with garments that perfectly compliment every type of lifestyle.