Month: February 2017

Asia Leaders Forum Yamaha

Asia Leaders Forum 2017: Jose Mari L. Yupangco of Yamaha

On March 30, 2017, from 10 AM to 3 PM, another Asia Leaders Forum in Real Estate will be launched in Davao this time with the collaboration between Yupangco Electronics Corporation (Distributor of Yamaha Sound and Audio Technology) headed by Jose Mari L. Yupangco and TAG Media and Public Relations headed by Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas. Just last month, January 31, 2017, at Misono Japanese Restaurant in Makati, the first of its series for this year under Asia Leaders Forum has been launched with speakers that include Dr. Elton Tan of E-Hotels, Robert L. Yupangco of Zoomanity Group, Engr. Ben Co of BSC Construction, Mario Berta of Flyspaces, Congressman Prospero “Butch” Pichay of Surigao Del Sur, Koo Kwan Kon of Global Morning City Development among others. Attended also by representatives from SMDC, ProFriends, DMCI, DibZ and Megaworld. The subject matter experts are trailblazers in their fields. Participation at Asia Leaders Forum will give you the competitive edge you need to beat the myriad of other real estate participants chasing deals. These experts will share their …

quarter-life crisis

Quarter-Life Crisis: 10 Signs That You Are Experiencing This

It is one week before my 26th birthday. Everything in my existence seems to be on the wrong side. My work isn’t giving me excitement anymore. And going out with friends feels like impossible to do. Making a budget is totally draining. Everything is a mess, and I can’t fix it. This is my quarter-life crisis. I started asking myself, do I really have that future of accomplishment that I thought I would have? Would I have that impact on the world that I am hoping to create? Is living now and surviving more years having a point anyway? Quarter-life crisis, as described by The Guardian: young, insecure and depressed. I am young. I am insecure. I am depressed. And I am experiencing my quarter life crisis. This phenomenon hits those who are in their early twenties to thirties, or those who enter the “real world” as they labeled it; or after they completed their education. 10 Signs That You Are Experiencing Quarter-Life Crisis You are reading this article right now because the title got your …

midas king be alright

Midas King to release Newest Single, ‘Be Alright’

African-American R&B and Hip-hop artist Midas King is soon to release new singles this year, and the first in line is titled ‘Be Alright’. As what the musician describes the song, ‘Be Alright’ will be a great hit once it comes out, and will change peoples’ lives. This soon-to-be-released single is about happiness, harmony, joy and unity that will influence people to endure being happy and positive in whatever is happening with their lives, whether it is good or bad. That negative vibes and feelings should be forgotten and set aside. Midas King’s music is blends of Hip-Hop and R&B that will surely make your feet dance and at the same time touch your soul with the song lyrics and his R&B-style vocals. But who really is the new artist who is being introduced today? Midas King Johnson Dai, also known as Midas King, was born on March 10, 1980, in San Antonio, Texas, and is the fourth in his six siblings. This R&B and Hip-Hop artist, composer, entertainer and record producer have lived many places …

Second Choice

I feel bad for myself, I really do. I know everybody goes through being the second choice. I’ve been through a lot of these for years now. The second choice for dating, friendship, family, you name it. But I believe being the second choice has to be a reason. However, I can’t just wallow on that. I need to find that reason and crush it. To eliminate the reason I am the second choice is to not make me become the second choice.


Boracay Island, Philippines’s White Beach Vlog

My 2017 started on experiencing my first time to fly in an airplane bound for Boracay Island. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Philippine Airlines for the safe trip travel. And also to my friends Koi and Kenny for the awesome trip. We booked our way to Aklan last year November. As this was my first time to travel via plane, it was also our first time to travel together outside Metro Manila. We didn’t opt to do any physical activities in Boracay, instead enjoyed our 4D3N-stay on day and night drinking, sightseeing, eating delicious food, and walking by the shore at late nights. Our flight to Kalibo was delayed for three hours and we were worried about our transfer from Kalibo Airport to Caticlan-Boracay. We didn’t book any bus or car on our way there. Good thing upon arrival, Southwest Tours Boracay Inc. was available and offered us a one-way car transfer from Kalibo to Caticlan, two-way boat transfers, and one-way bus transfer from Caticlan-Kalibo. However, due to encountering crazy people while …

Feel The Thrill at Tree Top Adventure…literally

Tree Top Adventure is the only “Team Building” facility in the Philippines with motorized activities plus different kinds of Zipline adventure and more activities in the heart of nature; Superman, Canopy, Tree Drop, Silver Surfer, Free Fall, Funicular, Trekking, Skywalk and much more to be added. The vision came from the expertise of the owners of Tree TopAdventure who are engineers and advocates of conservation of the environment and healthy living thus Tree Top Adventure in Subic inside SBMA and Baguio inside Camp John Hay are making sure not only for the customers to enjoy but also making sure the safety and health benefits of the activities they are offering for the customers. There is no entrance fee at Tree Top Adventure, you will only pay the activities you like to enjoy unlike other theme parks and very affordable. Zip lines fee per ride cost from Php 100.00 to Php 350.00 and can have a huge discount if will take a package instead with a combination of activities. For the “Team Building” activities, there are facilitators …