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quarter-life crisis

Quarter-Life Crisis: 10 Signs That You Are Experiencing This

It is one week before my 26th birthday. Everything in my existence seems to be on the wrong side. My work isn’t giving me excitement anymore. And going out with friends feels like impossible to do. Making a budget is totally draining. Everything is a mess, and I can’t fix it. This is my quarter-life crisis. I started asking myself, do I really have that future of accomplishment that I thought I would have? Would I have that impact on the world that I am hoping to create? Is living now and surviving more years having a point anyway? Quarter-life crisis, as described by The Guardian: young, insecure and depressed. I am young. I am insecure. I am depressed. And I am experiencing my quarter life crisis. This phenomenon hits those who are in their early twenties to thirties, or those who enter the “real world” as they labeled it; or after they completed their education. 10 Signs That You Are Experiencing Quarter-Life Crisis You are reading this article right now because the title got your …

Second Choice

I feel bad for myself, I really do. I know everybody goes through being the second choice. I’ve been through a lot of these for years now. The second choice for dating, friendship, family, you name it. But I believe being the second choice has to be a reason. However, I can’t just wallow on that. I need to find that reason and crush it. To eliminate the reason I am the second choice is to not make me become the second choice.