Midas King to release Newest Single, ‘Be Alright’

African-American R&B and Hip-hop artist Midas King is soon to release new singles this year, and the first in line is titled ‘Be Alright’.

As what the musician describes the song, ‘Be Alright’ will be a great hit once it comes out, and will change peoples’ lives. This soon-to-be-released single is about happiness, harmony, joy and unity that will influence people to endure being happy and positive in whatever is happening with their lives, whether it is good or bad. That negative vibes and feelings should be forgotten and set aside.

Midas King’s music is blends of Hip-Hop and R&B that will surely make your feet dance and at the same time touch your soul with the song lyrics and his R&B-style vocals.

midas king be alright

But who really is the new artist who is being introduced today?

Midas King

Johnson Dai, also known as Midas King, was born on March 10, 1980, in San Antonio, Texas, and is the fourth in his six siblings. This R&B and Hip-Hop artist, composer, entertainer and record producer have lived many places of the world due to his father’s occupation which requires traveling and had made him learn and appreciate different cultures.

 At a young age, Midas King has loved music and use it as a way to reach out and communicate to the world of his feelings. His dad’s love of music, listening to great music from all over the world, and the state of what surrounds him are his influences in writing and making his own music.

He was once a backup singer and a member of a defunct music band. After finishing high school, he went on a solo career and pursue the screen name, Midas King. He is currently the C.E.O of Midas King Music and he’s an artist of SONY/MPRE.

His music is available on social media, online music digital stores like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play Music, also playing on radio stations, bars, and nightclubs.

miads king be alright

‘Be Alright’, his new single will be released soon and is expected a great hit.

For more information about the upcoming release of Midas King’s new single, visit the following official social media accounts and website below, or send an email to [email protected].

Author: Clint Mamuri

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