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Blogger Interview: Gerard Perez

Do you remember when you first became interested in fashion? I do! If my memory serves me right, I believe I got hooked up in dressing up when I was in my 3rd year highschool. I started buying branded shirts back then that sometimes leaves me with no money to eat lol. I became very conscious about how I mix and match my outfits so I guess it all started there.

Harvey Haydon Cheers Up Our Day in a Tale for British GQ by Tony Kelly

Styl­ish Golfer–Pho­tog­ra­pher Tony Kelly and styl­ist Jo Levin shift to Scot­land to por­tray style Har­vey Hay­don for the July 2012 issue of British GQ. Lensed at the lux­ury Hori­zon Resort, the British model is designed in a enhanced clothing collection, modified in a energetic way thanks to strong colors, sor­bet colors or crazy printing. Wear­ing Bot­tega Veneta’s flu­oro matches, Tom Ford’s glam­orous jack­ets or Prada’s flo­ral printing, Har­vey shows that tennis can be a very fash­ion­able sport. Groom­ing by Mira.

Go Green with Riz Boardshorts

Riz says: “The act of giving back a piece of recycled clothing so it too can be recycled and, in return, receiving a helping hand towards a new piece of recycled clothing. For us Sustainability seems too general a term. We want to focus the entire product life into a perpetual 360 degree process. As far as we know we are the only swim brand in the world where all the products are recyclable and offer this service. Going forward we want to challenge the system even further improving the offer, effectiveness and incentives.”