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What’s On My iPhone?

I‘ve been wanting to write about this topic since I’ve been seeing a lot of videos on YouTube. You may ask me why I didn’t just create a video blog like those on YouTube, well, to be honest, I am not confident with my speaking voice nor seeing my face on a video. Also, I’m not really good with editing videos. So yeah, I decided to just write it. By the way, I have a spacegray iPhone SE. (I don’t have much on my iPhone right now since I reset it to factory default, and downloaded a few apps that I normally use.)


I love this wallpaper that I got from Google. It reminds me of how I am excited about my Boracay trip next week. And oh, it’s pink and blue.


I have deleted some of iPhone’s stock apps since I don’t really use them. Let me list those apps that can’t be deleted and I usually us.


I always make sure that all important events are on my calendar especially birthdays and deadlines. Good thing Facebook is synched with my Calendar.


I don’t have many photos on my iPhone since I only have a 16GB storage.


This is the only way I am capable of taking photos. I don’t have a separate camera to take good photos. So I depend on my iPhone to capture moments.


A must-have app! Without this app, I might always be late at work.


When I have something to take note of, I usually write it on this app. I normally have details here about my accounts, Instagram tags, names and dates, and important stuff I should be remembering.


Bills to pay. You know what I mean.

App Store, Settings, Voice Memos, Contacts, Find iPhone, Health, Wallet, Facetime, Calculator, Music, Mail


I have Phone, Messages, Safari and Airmail on my iPhone’s dock. I use Airmail as my Mail app because it refreshes faster than the stock Mail app. And it has a lot of tasks that you can use to every email.

Social Media Apps

I have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger and Swarm on my iPhone in keeping my social media updated. I use these apps every day in posting updates about myself and my blog.


I use Spotify as my music app instead of Apple Music, though I used Apple Music before. Spotify has more music than Apple Music based on my experience, and it loads songs faster. The downside of Spotify is that Taylor Swift songs aren’t available. Lol.

VSCOCam, Snapseed

Before I post photos on Instagram, I usually edit them on VSCOCam or Snapseed. Snapseed is a great app for editing white background using its selective tool. I like VSCOCam because it has a lot of preset filters that I can play with.

Google Photos

Since my iPhone only has 16GB of storage, I need to have space where I can backup my photos and that’s where Google Photos takes place in action. I have a total of 119GB storage on Google so I think it’s a good place where I can backup my photos.


My bank is Bank of the Philippine Island and this app is very helpful to check my balance and make transactions like transfer funds online.


I’ve been selling a few of my clothes on this app. This app is very easy to use. You guys can check the app and you might find something you wanna buy. 🙂


I use this app to save all my passwords. You have to pay for the subscription to use this app. I use different passwords generated by 1Password on all of my accounts so I could really say that this is secured. You can’t open this app without your master password. If you forget it, there’s no way to reset it. Customer support won’t be able to help you at as well.

Grab, Uber

I have these two apps especially when I need to go from and to another location. I always check which of the app has the cheaper price. HAHA

These are the only apps I have on my iPhone, and I could really say there’s not much interesting apps here. Now it’s your turn, what’s on your iPhone?

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Clint Mamuri is a blogger based in the Philippines. He completed his BS Computer Network Administration at the University of Makati. He is a lover of stories and coffee, and has bad eyesight.

  • I also use Spotify than Apple! Though huhu I’m a huge fan of TS 🙁 until now I don’t get why she pulled out her songs from Spotify </3. What I have on my iPhone are; Notes (important), Calendar (check schedules and appointments, charot), social medias (fb, insta). I also have two apps for studying. 🙂

    • I think it’s about profit issue. I don’t really know the whole story but it’s something related to that.

  • Laine Dogelio

    One thing I don’t like about Spotify is that Taylor Swift’s songs are not available. Because of your post, I can say do have lots of apps. You have your phone organized while mine is a mess. Haha! 🙂

    • Right. I’ll go back to Apple Music if Taylor releases a new album. HAHA

  • I’ve always wanted to make a blog entry about this too kaso ang tamad ko gumawa. lol!

    you didn’t say anything about swarm, what is it for? And thinking of checking the Carousel app. Thanks!

    rej |

    • You go na, I might find useful apps from you. 🙂

      Oh yeah, Swarm is like the old Foursquare where you check in to places.

  • Elisha

    This is such a great post! I think I should share what apps are on my iphone too sometime! Also love the thought you are organized with your apps! Hope you had a great day!

    Best |

    • I’m looking forward to see your iPhone apps, Elisha.

  • My iphone storage is just about full from my apps, I think I need to delete some now. Hahaha. I hate that we can’t delete the Health app from Apple, it’s totally useless for me. Haha.
    XX Nikaia

    • Right. There are still some stock apps that we can’t delete even they have really no use for some. Hehe.

  • Mei

    I want to delete the native apps too, pero di pa upgraded iOS ko hahaha Looks like malaking tulong nga yun kasi daming nabawas sa apps mo! And yung talagang ginagamit mo lang yung andyan.

    Te magvlog ka na daliii hahaha yung pag-edit ng video, idugtong dugtong mo lang. Ganun lang ginagawa ko kasi di rin ako marunong dun sa mga effects effects nila hahaha

    • True mamshie. Kaso 16GB lang kasi storage ko sa iPhone. Kaya ang unti ng apps ko.

      Nagtry ako magedit ng video using Final Cut, ay wit. Sumakit bangs ko. Di kasi ako confident magvideo ng sarili kong face. HAHA

    • VLOG SOON! On my Malaysia trip!

  • I think it’s really interesting seeing what people have on their phones! I need to go through and delete photos because they just eat up so much of my memory. I think Instagram uses up most of my memory though. Love the background!

    • Thanks Winnie! I got the problem on Google e. Can’t remember the exact page.

    • Thanks! I suggest to sync or backup your photos to Google Photos to save storage.

  • I badly want to delete the default apps since 16gb lang space ko and marami na yung pics and vids ko huhu kaso I don’t have enough storage to upgrade my iOS. Anyways, I think my most used apps are my camera, twitter and messenger. I also downloaded two games para may malaro din kapag super bored HAHAHA

    Abby Joy

    • Di baaaaa. Ang hirap with 16GB only. We should upgrade phones, siguro. Lol. My app na uses most of the storage e Facebook. Sana there’s an option on iOS na we can clear app data noh, or cache. Para we don’t need to delete the app, and reinstall them. Share lang. 😛

    • Ang hirap ng 16GB lang sis, tbh. 🙁

  • Sakura kura

    I have Uber app too. I will take it when there’s a huge discount and it becomes cheaper to take Uber than public transports.

    • Me too. Tho I mostly used Grab than Uber.

      • Is Grab cheaper for you or Uber?

    • Me too. But when surge is high, I usually take public transports.

  • Kate

    I have a Carousell account too! I’ve been there for only a month but I think I need to delete my account already because the app makes me hoard clothes. 🙁 😀

    • I feel you. I always check the app every day to refresh the list of items for sale. Too many good deals.

    • Me too! And sell my own items as well.

  • I don’t have an iPhone but I usually have the same apps with yours like VSCO and Instagram. Because of this post, I felt like I badly need to reformat my phone. Good luck to me! Haha 😀

    Augustin Ra / Indie Spirit

    • Aw, reformatting is truly a hassle. Good luck with that, A. 🙂

    • Good luck with reformatting your phone. That’s too much work in my opinion. Hihi.

  • I have too may apps on my iPhone! But here are the apps that I usually use: Awesome Note (where I organize my life. Lol), Pocket Expense (I need to keep track of my budgets and expenses), Google Sheets, social media apps, Spotify and VSCO.