The Wonder Gulay in a Capsule

Moringa oleifera (malunggay) has been around forever, used by our great grandparents to treat an uncountable number of illnesses. Considered a miracle plant, malunggay is also the most low-cost medicine of all time, helping cure at least 300 diseases.

Though widely known as an ingredient in cooking, heat in fact significantly decreases the nutrients in malunggay. And even with the commercialization of malunggay capsules, tea, powder, and others in the market, malunggay’s natural components are in fact reduced through processing. The best way to get the nutrients from malunggay is to eat it fresh.

However, humans have limits on the consumption of leaves because of fiber overload. Many people also cannot endure the taste and texture of fresh malunggay leaves.

Now you can get all the health-giving benefits of Malunggay without the hassle of gathering leaves, preparing dishes and fiber overload. Each capsule of Atienza Naturale contains 500mg of pure and fresh malunggay so you get only the nutrients and minerals that will give your body the health boost and protection it needs.

As a 26 years old guy who has been taking vitamins and supplements on and off, I was curious with this “wonder vegetable” so I decided to attend a press release event of Atienza Naturale by Kim Atienza and Atienza Naturale Turmeric Capsule.

It is my first time to attend a health-related event so I was clueless of what to expect and what to ask if a Q&A happens. Good thing everyone was so approachable and friendly.

It was discussed in the event the wonders of malunggay as follows:

  • Its leaves are good sources of iron, calcium, ascorbic acid and phosphorus.
  • Malunggay can help lower blood pressure, aid in relieving pain caused by rheumatism, headache, and migraines.
  • Malunggay is an anti-tumor plant rich in very potent antioxidants which may help prevent the onset of various chronic diseases like arthritis, cancer and heart and kidney diseases.
  • Internal organs are said to benefit from malunggay, good for treating liver and spleen problems and for joint pains.
  • Malunggay is a proven “Galactogogue”, valuable for lactating women as it helps stimulate milk production for feeding babies.
  • Malunggay has been extensively studied by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology with a stamp of approval and recommendation.
  • In 2014, physicians at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM) – Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center (OMMC)’s Department of Internal Medicine and Intensive Care Unit embarked on a landmark study presenting the potential use of malunggay as a natural alternative to standard preparations used for lowering and regulating blood sugar. To ensure that the malunggay in the study was administered in standardized doses, the research team opted to use Atienza Naturale Malunggay Capsules, as it featured the purest form of the herb in a medium that could be taken conveniently. According to Doctors Rainier Nery Mozo and Imelda Caole-Ang, an extract derived from malunggay was instrumental in reducing Hemoglobin A1c, a key indicator of the level of blood glucose, in a control group of 60 patients at the OMMC.  The study showed a mean reduction of 0.6% in the blood glucose of involved patients after regular dosage of malunggay

I haven’t tried any herbal supplement, but I’m considering of trying this. I’ll let you guys know if there is improvement with my health.

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Author: Clint Mamuri

Clint Mamuri is a blogger based in the Philippines. He completed his BS Computer Network Administration at the University of Makati. He is a lover of stories and coffee, and has bad eyesight.